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The dentalvault™ denture, and dental appliance storage container was developed in response to a growing need for discreet storage in the dental hygiene category. Our product eliminates the embarrassment previously associated with the use of dentures, partial dentures, night guards, retainers, braces,and  snore guards, and enhances the user experience.
In addition, the dentalvault™ provides a permanent storage location for all removable dental appliances, that hides the appliance in plain sight, while providing the perfect retainer, night guard, or denture cleaning container. The elegant appearance of our product enables you to use it anywhere in your home, or when traveling, without calling any attention to it. Perfect on your nightstand, in the bathroom, or anywhere that is convenient to you!
Dental appliance storage is also about protecting your financial investment...dentalvault's™ unique unbreakable polypropylene two-part construction helps to eliminate broken dentures, or partials, as well as keeping them fresh and hygienic. Our two-stage telescoping dental basket suspends your dental appliance off the bottom of  the dentalvault container, allowing retainer cleaners,and denture cleaners to circulate freely around the appliance for a thorough cleaning. Our test cycle data has shown a significant reduction of appliance and denture breakage during wet, and dry drop testing onto a hard floor surface, adding safety as well as beauty to the list of advantages, making the dentalvault™ a wise investment to protect your dental appliance for years to come!
For all retainer users, snore guard, night guard users, or partial or denture wearers, the dentalvault™ is a logical alternative, and solution to the practical realities of wearing removable dental appliances. We are confident that you will share in our enthusiasm that this transformational product creates, and liberates you from the negative associations associated with wearing dental appliances!