the inspiration:

The TECH-Naissance dentalvault™ was conceived in response to the ever-increasing need to clean and store any removable dental appliance, while discreetly hiding them in plain sight! The source of inspiration, references back to the inventor's in-law spending the night, and storing their removable appliance in the hosts favorite glass!

The moment sparked the realization that a need existed for a discreet method of storage, that could simultaneously eliminate the embarrassment associated with removable appliances, while keeping them easily within reach. Perfect for storing and cleaning, the dentalvault™ provides a universal solution for retainers, night guards, snore guards, dentures and partials that respects the dignity, and privacy of millions of users!

our team:

TECH-Naissance Inc. is a Global Manufacturer/ supplier dedicated to developing innovative, proprietary product solutions to a variety of industries. Our unique team of Industrial Designers, and Engineers, working in conjunction with our Marketing group, help to identify and solve unique problems and trends within varying markets. Our focus on the rapidly evolving Oral Care industry will continue to explore opportunities that improve, and enhance various aspects of patients and consumers lives.

quality statement:

The TECH-Naissance Inc. policies and procedures dictate the highest level of quality assurance for all of our products. Our ISO-9001 certified factories produce all of our products here in the United States, providing jobs, and opportunities domestically, while monitoring and maintaining the strictest Quality Control guidelines.

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Dentalvault™ shown in its clear-fold packaging.