About the Product:

Q. What is dentalvault™?
A.The dentalvault™ is a revolutionary way in which to store, and clean your removable dental appliance in plain sight! Cleverly disguised as a faux-candle, this visually appealing product appears to the unknowing observer to be a beautiful frosted glass pillar candle. However, inside dentalvault's unique double-wall polypropylene jar construction, there is a two-part telescoping dental "basket" that allows the added hand clearance to easily access your removable dental appliance. The perfect discreet storage and cleaning container!

Q.What kind of removable dental appliances will fit?
A.Our product accommodates a wide range and variety of night guards, retainers, mouth guards, snore guards, and of course, dentures, and partials.

Q.What soaking solution / cleanser can I use with dentalvault™?
A.The dentalvault™ can be used with the cleaner of your choice! Tablets, soaking solutions, or cleansers, all work equally well, however we do recommend that you check with your Dentist for his advice, as some removable appliances are more sensitive, and require special cleaning regimens.

Q.How do I clean my dentalvault™?
A.Our product can be washed by hand with detergent, or placed in the dishwasher by unscrewing the jar and placing both sections on the top shelf, for a fresh clean container every time!

Q.What is dentalvault™ made of?
A.The product is made entirely of unbreakable polypropylene, and high-heat ABS-V0 rated plastic.

Q.Can I light the faux-candle?
A.The dentalvault™ was designed to LOOK like a candle, but will not, however, ignite like one. The "wax and wick" part of our product uses a rated self-extinguishing plastic material which has been tested to not ignite. Please observe the WARNING sticker/ closure on the neck of the product, which discloses "DO NOT IGNITE WICK", as the Faux-candle" will not ignite, and attemting to do this will void the Guarantee.

Q.Is there a Guarantee / Warranty?
A.We offer a One-Year Guarantee with our product. In the case of a product defect, please contact Customer Service.

Q.What is your Return Policy?
A.Due to certain legal and health restrictions, Returns can only be accepted if the shipment is refused, and the packaging is unopened. Unopened product has a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Ordering & Payments

Q.What methods of payment do you accept?
A.We currently accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. Checks are not accepted and will be returned to sender.

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